Introducing an all new pre-conference session to the 2017 June conference in San Diego!


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Join A.J. Crabill, Deputy Commissioner of Governance at the Texas Education Agency, to create an action plan to increase your school board’s ability to make a real difference for students on behalf of your community.  

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In this one-day workshop, you will focus on your school board’s particular challenges and come away with a practical action plan that uses Policy Governance insights to: 

  • Forge your board into one fully-functioning team
  • Create a powerful platform for your board’s leadership
  • Tackle the most difficult challenges your school board faces through role clarity 

A.J. Crabil is responsible for the Accreditation & School Improvement Division, as well as Complaints, Investigations & Enforcement at the Texas Education Agency (TEA).  Prior to his work at TEA, he served eight years on the board of the Kansas City (MO) Public Schools. When he was initially elected to the board, Kansas City had the lowest accreditation status of any district in Missouri, was hemorrhaging funds, suffered regular scandals of public corruption and was in general disarray. Crabill led a broad suite of reforms that radically transformed the district. The district closed roughly 40 percent of its schools to deal with the mass exodus that had taken place in prior decades. The district also reduced the vendor list from 5,000 to 800 to stop payouts to those who were getting taxpayer funds (often because of political connections), but not delivering results. The district eliminated an $860,000 per year “rubber room” and began taking action to fire staff who were abusive to children. As a result of these efforts, grade level proficiency in literacy and numeracy rose markedly throughout the district and graduation rates also climbed more than 15 percentage points to 87.8 percent.


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