The following links contain presentations, handouts, and notes related to presentations and workshops taking place at the 10th annual conference.


IPGA - Policy Governance® Principles and Model Consistency Framework document 2013

Keynote, Ruben Nelson - Co-Creating Tomorrow: Presentation slides

Bill Charney - Pre-Conference Workshop: Cover

Bill Charney - Pre-Conference Workshop: Presentation

Bill Charney - Pre-Conference Workshop: Add-ons

Bill Charney - Policy Development: The Fundamentals - Presentation

Bill Charney - Policy Development: The Fundamentals - Handout

Eric Craymer - The Learning Policy Development Cycle Workbook

Eric Craymer - Sustainable Governance

Eric Craymer - The Sustainable Governance Workbook

Karen Fryday-Field - Multi-level Organizations

Karen Fryday-Field - Cascading The Focus and Impact of Ends Policies

Jim Hyatt - Policy Governance and the Fulfillment of the Board's Legal Duties

Athens Kolias and Susan Mogensen - Sticky Issues

Rose Mercier - Fundamentals, Policy Development - Opening

Rose Mercier - Fundamentals, Policy Development - Presentation

Susan Mogensen - Ownership Linkage

Jannie Moore and Vincent Vavrek - Higher Education Forum - Presentation

Jannice Moore - Applying Policy Governance in Faith-based Organizations

Jannice Moore - Speaking Owner-ese

Caroline Oliver - Yavapai College Presentation

Caroline Oliver - Yavapai College Annual Calendar

Caroline Oliver - Yavapai College Ends Statements and Interpretations

Susan Radwan - Diversity in Dialogue: Meaning Making in a Complex World

Catherine M Raso and Carol Gabanna - Board Meeting and Planning Dynamics

Catherine M Raso and Carol Gabanna - Advanced Monitoring Workshop

Susan Rogers - Self-Monitoring on GP - Job Description

Susan Rogers - Meeting Evaluation - Accountability

Susan Rogers - Board Meeting Monitoring Tool - Governing Style

Susan Rogers - Public School Board Forum

Susan Rogers - Board Regulatory Bodies Forum

Susan Rogers - Board Monitoring & Evaluation: The Fundamentals - Presentation

Richard Stringham - Compensation Controversies - Presentation

Richard Stringham - Compensation Controversies - Bibliography

Richard Stringham - CEO Monitoring and Evaluation - Presentation

Research Forum Workshop, Friday


Logic Model - Policy Governance

Logic Model - Demonstrated Impact

Board Quick Check

Tables Discussions, Friday Lunch


Logic Model - Business Sustainability

Logic Model - Valued Engagement

Logic Model - Demonstrated Impact


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