Notes for workshops and presentations at the 2014 IPGA Conference.

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Policy Governance Orientation I
- Presenter: Karen Fryday-Field
Govern with Impact*
Policy Governance Orientation II
- Presenters: Jannice Moore and Richard Stringham
Intro Session for IPGA*
Board Officers' Forum
- Facilitator: Bill Charney
Officers' Forum*
Getting To Great Board Results through Dialogue
- Presenter: Roger Schwarz
Getting to Great Board Results through Dialogue
CEO and Board Monitoring and Evaluation
- Presenter: Catherine Raso
CEO and Board Monitoring and Evaluation
Monitoring Checklist Tool
Connect with Owners to Create Powerful Ends 
- Presenter: Jan Moore
Connect with Owners to Create Powerful Ends
Defining Your Ownership
- Presenter: Susan Mogensen
Who's Your Owner
Executive Limitations: The Power of "Just Saying No" 
- Presenter: Bill Charney
Fundamentals - Executive Limitations
Facilitation Tools for Policy Governance Boards
- Presenter: Susan Mogensen
Facilitation Tools
Governance Process and Board-Management Delegation Policy Development
- Presenter: Richard Stringham
The Fundamentals GP and BMD Policy Development
PG Principles re GP

PG Principles re Board-Management Relationship
CEO's Forum - Facilitators
- various
Forum discussion - no handouts
Cooperative Governance Forum
- Facilitators Mark Goehring
Handouts will be provided onsite.
Creating Smarter Boards: Getting Unstuck to Get Results
- Presenter: Roger Schwarz
Getting to Great Board Results through Dialogue
Demonstrated Impact
- Facilitators: Karen Fryday-Field and Members of the Demonstrated Impact Team.
Demonstrated Impact Session
Logic Model
Smart Packing for the Policy Governance Journey  - the practitioners' backpack. Developing products and services for you
- Facilitators: Athens Kolias and Susan Mogensen on behalf of the IPGA Practitioners Panel
Forum discussion - no handouts
From Lofty Ends Policies to Down to Earth Impact
- Presenter: Karen Fryday-Field
Lofty Ends
Governance Succession:  By Design or By Default?
- Presenter: Jan Moore
Governance Succession
Leading Successful Change:  Implementing Policy Governance
- Presenter: Rose Mercier
Change Management
New Perspectives on Risk
- Presenters: Richard Biery and Eric Craymer
Risk Governance Workshop Outline
Dealing with Risk
Realities and Learning from National Board/Ownership Linkage – A Productive Across the Country Experience
- Presenters: Paul Shay and Karen Fryday-Field
Linking with the Ownership
Roundtable for Elected Board Members
- Facilitators: Ranee Jacobus and Stacy Sjogren
Forum discussion - no handouts
The OnTarget CEO: Executing the Board's Ends
- Presenter: Catherine Raso
The OnTarget CEO Executing the Board's Ends Journey
Variable Compensation Incentives for Organizations Using Policy Governance
- Presenters: Richard Stringham and Eric Craymer
Variable Compensation Incentives
Variable Compensation Comparisons
FORUM!! "Working Parts" – Panel Discussion for Board Administrators
- Facilitators:  Karen Jones and colleagues
Forum discussion - no handouts
Anticipatory Governance and Emerging Global Megaforces: Implications for Possible Tomorrows
- Presenter: George Kubik
Anticipatory Governance
Investors Own the Organization—they really do 
- Presenter: Larry Johnson
Investors Own the Organization
When Governance Goes Wrong and How Evaluation can Help  - Stories from Around the World 
- Presenter: Mike Mann
When Governance Goes Wrong


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